As a new homeowner I was frustrated in my attempts to purchase decorative artwork reflecting the music I love...Hip Hop.

Sure I stumbled upon various Hip Hop themed art for sale but nothing grabbed my attention. Most were generic, lacking originality and creativity.

Then SHAZAM! An idea hit me! Rather than complain, why not create it?

The thing is, I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and what began as a hobby later became a passion. As a child, music and Hip Hop culture were a constant in my life but I also took inspiration from visual mediums such as movies, comics and illustration.

My goal was to merge these influences and create original boutique artwork, inspired by Hip Hop and urban culture but treated with a reverence and premium quality suitable for home décor.

Great idea eh... but as the saying goes, ‘The game is to be sold, not told.’

Thus Deviate Studio was born.

For those of us who passionately debate their Top 5 MC's, or simply have an affinity for urban music from the 90's to the 2000's, this website's for you.

Founder & Creative Director

Deviate Studio